Polished Diamonds


Diamond Cutting and Polishing Processes

If you are a newbie and looking on learning a few things this will be is very important. First, diamond cutters examine the rough stone, its internal and external construct, and decide how to maintain as much carat weight and quality from the rough as possible. The diamond is examined by an expert gemologist and expert cutters. It is also possible to scan the diamond in specialized software to decide between several possible cuts. This has been the most common practice in the last few years. Polished diamonds is a common term for diamonds that have undergone processing, without any connection to their size, shape or any other feature. Polished diamonds, which are graded according to four models (The Four C’s), are sold to retailers and customers. Dubai is a global centre for special cuts such as Princess, marquise, oval and others. These cuts demand high-level skill, which the Israeli polishers are recognised for.

Ready Set Platforms

Dubai through the DDE has evolved from the originally so-called "potential market" into a big market in reality and continues to grow yearly at a very larger rate per capita. The Diamond Exchange in Dubai has its mission to make trade more convenient by simplifying diamond import and export procedures. This is what we do! Providing a platform for trade to happen smoothly.

Dexterous Diamonds provides producers of rough, cut, polished and coloured diamonds with a simple, transparent process for selling their goods in a secure environment. Sellers earn a fair and higher price when selling diamonds with us compared to selling through other platforms or locations. We are located adjacent to the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Platinum Tower.