Rough Diamonds


Our Investment

Dexterous Diamonds is invested in diamond mines and ventures around the world. Our commitment and enthusiasm leads us to transcend the mining sector, and provide numerous solutions to our valuable clients and stakeholders. Whether it is operating large-scale or small-scale mining enterprises we continue to empower the artisanal & small-scale mining sector who represent 30% of total global production.

Kimberley Process Compliant

Dexterous Diamonds is led to sustainable sourcing and Kimberley Process Certified compliant of rough diamonds from quality mines, and suppliers from all the major diamond producing countries. In addition to our existing vast network of suppliers, new suppliers continue to join our partner network which allows us to diversify our portfolio and allows them to support their aspirations.
All of our diamonds are non-conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process UAE and Gemological Institute of America offices are located in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre; verification of conflict-free status and quality can be conducted there.

Large quartz crystal on white background close-up.