Tender Platforms in Dubai

In regards to tenders, we have set tender platforms in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) through the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC), Miami (USA), and a working relationship with the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange. We sort out sort diamonds into parcels that are homogenous in terms of characteristics such as size, quality, and colour. We then invite buyers are invited to view the diamonds for sale and evaluate what they believe to be the appropriate price for each parcel. Rather than the producer determining the price of each assortment, here the buyer’s bid for individual parcels and the nature of such we sell to the highest bidder.

A System that works

We operate on several levels of the "value chain". We have multiple partners around the world that make such methods feasible. This, in turn, enhances produc­tivity and decreases the unnecessary loss of profits by the continuous change of hands. By comprehending the logic of a reasonable man Dubai has to be the leading Hub for gems trade and such can only be achieved by engaging in tried and tested systems that we provide.